Do you think you run your office?
You think WRONG!!
It’s not you but your IDEA that runs your business.
Whether it’s a five storey plush building which you call your office or it’s just you and your tiny laptop that together make the office — space and  people do not make any difference at all. IDEA does. IDEA makes your business grow.
It is indeed a never-ending cycle — Right idea generates right thoughts which take the right decisions. The reverse process is equally interesting – the right decision yields many more right and rational thoughts which bring out new feasible ideas.
These ideas clubbed with an over-excitement to execute them is again a totally flop idea altogether!
A good appropriate idea can crack a deal, fix a problem, maintain a relation, boost an opportunity, nurture the business, get clients and manage the entire office administration only if it is backed by an organized manager.
Your Idea managed by EDIFYBIZ – that’s real business, sensible business!


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