Add ons

Life is not always perfect;
customize your solution with Edifybiz’.

3rd Party API Integration

Smart and Logical!

3rd party api integration


  • Lead Integration from Various Sources like Justdial, India Mart, Sulekha, FB, Insta, Websites

  • WhatsApp Integration

  • SMS Integration

  • Tally Integration

Process Workflows

Everything in Sync!

Process flow


  • Maintain the Sync of the Processes Involved in Business Operations

  • Easy Access to Different Users Responsible for the Different Processes

  • Easy Implementation of Workflow Including Approval System

Analytics And MIS

Analytically Yours!

Analytics And MIS


  • Analytics through Graphical Representation of Data

  • User Define Dashboard and Graphs

  • User Define Reports

  • Daily Reminders, Notifications and Alerts

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