The extra punch !

EdifyBiz has some extra amenities that add value to the overall working of the software — Self service portal has few of them. Here, the client can himself / herself review, check or monitor any aspect related to business. EdifyBiz gives a platform to quench your queries by self adjusting.


Smart and Logical !

If your company is into international financial trading, then EdifyBiz is the smart solution for any kind of financial settlement or obligation. It keeps a log of all the possible entries division wise making it easy for the accounts department to handle while calculations of the transactions are done.


Everything in sync !

EdifyBiz helps in keeping the entire office management in sync by giving accessibility to all the staff members to know the work flow along with all kinds reminders, notifications, alerts and more. EdifyBiz keeps the office on its toes.


Analytically yours !

EdifyBiz knows the market trends and scenario and is equipped to give an analytical evaluation, hence opening up opportunities for your company. Along with it, expert business management makes the enterprise run unprecendented.


Collaborating for better !

No company can grow without fruitful associations and collaborations. For this, communication and professional networking is essential to the core. EdifyBiz facilitates professional collaborations by maintaining the communication flow intact.