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AET Flexible Space

AET Flexible Space India Pvt Ltd is a world leader in energy saving Under Floor Air Conditioning systems. The company wanted to expand its portfolio by extending its services to include a complete set of Under Floor Air Conditioning systems and control room furniture. So, it re-positioned itself as the provider of multiple services including deep cleaning, airflow management, access floor systems, control room desks, and many more.

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Problem Area

Repositioning helped company gain clients but increased tasks to be managed and complicated processes increasing the load of sales department. Managing information flows became challenging because of this. Moreover, responsibilities were delegated to personnel but monitoring their activities was difficult.

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Mr. Mustufa Taiyebi Rasiwala, the current Director of AET, was looking for a solution that could bring in accountability in their employees and increase their productivity while Nusrat Mustafa Rassiwala, another key Director was more concerned about simplifying workflows.

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Solutions & Benefits

AET was offered EdifyBiz with modules with Sales, Task, DMS, and Quotation Modules. The result of this integration brought some benefits like:


Employees were tracked which increased their accountability

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Easy data availability through a centralized system improved employee performance

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Sales and task management processes were established and formalized with our consulting

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Case Study