Movements documented !

A company sees plenty of movements regularly on daily basis – movement within the departments, movements of documents, monetary movements, transactions, employee movements and more. All the movements if documented in an organized way, becomes easy to comprehend the placements and displacements at any given point of time. EdifyBiz Indenting Module facilitates the same for your company.


Safeguarding in every way !

In a company where a huge amount of shipments depart and arrive on regular basis, a constant monitoring on the legalities is a must. EdifyBiz LOT Management keeps detailed information on the amount of content to be packed in particular shipments according to the price fluctuation and ensure the availability of raw material. It also keeps the Shipment Information and invoice tracking from the supplier. Customer Payment Tracking is also possible lot wise LC/DA/TT/DP and their amendments through EdifyBiz.


Payment pressures get easy !

Managing all kinds of transactions and payment details is not an easy task. An entire accounts team might be required … only if you don’t use EdifyBiz. And if you do, it alone can keep a detailed updated track of all payments and terms and flash them before you whenever required. None of the terms can go wrong and none of the payment can slip off too with EdifyBiz.


Sailing off smooth !

EdifyBiz is 24*7 on guard about the whereabouts of your shipment, keeps a constant check, follow ups at regular intervals, gives you alerts, gives you notifications of pending or delayed shipments and keeps you updated on the overall progress of the shipment. With EdifyBiz you can actually virtually sail off with the shipment that has sailed off.


Committed to the core !

Every business enterprise has a share of commission basis payment that needs a regular tracking. EdifyBiz enables the company to keep the contacts and account details of such people intact; and get the company move.


Info-manager comes handy !

Every company is loaded with various information regarding the database, work force and staff. EdifyBiz Management Information System empowers you with info-graphical pointers and an intelligent approach to derive statistical information.