Sail well ! Sell well !

If your company is into domestic or overseas trading and deals with paramount number of shipments and transactions, it is a work of a good consignment team to keep a track of the shipment till it reaches its destination. On top of it shipment dates, follow ups and more often take a toll. EdifyBiz can do all these alone. With its Inventory and Logistics Module, EdifyBiz is 24*7 on guard about the whereabouts of your shipment, keeps a constant check, follow ups at regular intervals, gives you alerts, gives you notifications of pending or delayed shipments and keeps you updated on the overall progress of the shipment. With EdifyBiz you can actually virtually sail off with the shipment that has sailed off.


Smart management is the key !

More the products, more the stock; and more the stock, more is the management required to keep the products coordinated. EdifyBiz categorically labels the products and systematically arranges the stock in an effective way making the entire range appear with just a click, further enabling the company to display the same in an organized way.


Unending Possibilities !

Once a deal is a success it needs to be maintained throughout with prompt after sales activities. EdifyBiz enhances the opportunities for a brilliant secondary sales system by providing the client with a multilevel management portal where self service is possible. Also, after sales inventory management with C&F, Distributor, Retailers is easy with EdifyBiz. The Module also gives alerts and warning on re-order level and maintains an organized stock categorized on the basis of units or pricing. With this Module with the completion of every sales consignment brings a new opening for many more such possibilities.


Simply Sampling !

If your company handles a huge range of products with a large array of sub categories and demands a continuous display of samples to your clients then an expert hold on the samples inventory is a must so that you can have an uninterrupted display within a blink of an eye. EdifyBiz Inventory and Logistics Module enables to keep an organized record of suppliers reporting with respect to Sample Distribution; and samples with neatly demarcated counts, batch and expiry dates. It also holds a date and schedule wise list of samples sent out with courier details, invoicing, covering and required specification certificates. EdifyBiz not only empowers you with Re-Order level Management, but detailed information on inventory status and distribution history.


Info-manager comes handy !

Every company is loaded with various information regarding the database, work force and staff. EdifyBiz Management Information System empowers you with info-graphical pointers and an intelligent approach to derive statistical information.