Loan MIS made easy!

Always wonder why managing loan consultancy is so hard?

Loan deals turn to loan status and financial documents.
Want something fast and easy?
Manage customer profile, disbursement status, and financial documents anywhere, any device at any time with EdifyBiz Loan MIS Module.


Multi-tasker !

If your company files for a loan application, it can be a tedious task to file in many banks one by one. EdifyBiz Loan MIS Module helps you to file applications in many banks at the same time, saving time and energy. The details get auto fed in this multi-banking process and EdifyBiz also keeps a detailed track of the banks operated on. And yes, it is cloud-based, making it safe and secure.


Smart and Logical !

If your company is into international financial trading, then EdifyBiz is the smart solution for any kind of financial settlement or obligation. It keeps a log of all the possible entries division wise making it easy for the accounts department to handle while calculations of the transactions are done.


Handles with care !

EdifyBiz is smart at any kind of data handling and brings out the logically organized data just at the right time. It empowers the management by keeping a record of all kinds of financial sanctioning, approvals, renewal tracks, invoices, bills and more.


EdifyBiz empowers banking process for your company. It Keeps a track of fund flow from bank to client — be it taking payout from bank in installment for a loan, raising the commission debit note to bank or maintaining installment based Rate of interests, Insurance and other financial component – EdifyBiz is there to help you out with everything.


Value added to work !

EdifyBiz helps the enterprise to maintain a legal compliance checklist and keep the management updated. From document management to tracking and monitoring of properties / assets valuation process during a loan process, EdifyBiz facilitates the process and accessibility.


Info-manager comes handy !

Every company is loaded with various information regarding the database, work force and staff. EdifyBiz Management Information System empowers you with info-graphical pointers and an intelligent approach to derive statistical information.


Paperless Power !

No more dust smeared stack of files, no more searching fanatically.

The Document Management System (DMS) by EdifyBiz fits  large volumes of documents into its unlimited storage system with easy and secured systematic accessability when needed.

Archiving of documents into DMS; file sharing under Public and Private categories; scanning documents; management of files through effective search and filters; and easy access to DMS through any mode.You can edit, upload, delete and change the document as and when you want, and can save it accordingly.