Marketing & Sales

Proper planning, effective navigation system for the sales team, a definite framework of targets and an effective analytical measure in case of any crisis.

Contact & Communication Management

Contacts mean relationship, and contact defragmentation leads to unproductivity.

Contact Communication


  • Company / Contact Detailed Profiling

  • Follow-up, Minutes of Meeting, Activity

  • Multi-Category Assignment for Analysis and MIS

  • Third Party Mapping for Integrations (Tally and Others)

  • Multi-Product Relationship and Sourcing Management

Inquiry & Quotation

Clear Communication Translates to Content Clients.

Inquiry Quotation Dashboard. new


  • Workflow & Approvals

  • Sourcing Management

  • Multi-Template Formats

  • Integrated DMS, Task and Followups

  • Multi-Vendor Price List

  • Self Design Template Format

Product Management

When you have In-depth Insights into your Inventory, Productivity is a Click Away!

Product Management. new


  • Product Profiling

  • Multi-Contact Relationship

  • Inventory Management

  • Support and Service Specifics

  • Tax Compliant

MIS Analysis & Reporting

Extract, Evaluate, and Execute! Make Data-driven Decisions to Optimize your Actions.



  • Interactive Dashboards

  • Drill – Down Graphs

  • Advanced Filtering on Reports

  • Extended MIS Reports

  • Integration to EdifyBiz BI

Pre-sales Timeline Management

Sales team can perform productively only in an information fed scenario.

Pre Sales 2


  • Hub – A 360 Degree Integrated Approach to Business

  • Customer / Product / Executive Centric Timeline

Sales, Target,
Performance Analysis

A business thrives on its sales team. Target achievements and outstanding performance of the marketing and sales teams.

Sales TargetPerformance Analysis


  • Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis

  • Target setting on Various Activities and Sales

  • Customer / Product / Executive Centric Performance Measures

  • Advanced Funnels for Drill Down Analysis

Tour & Expenses

Business Trip? Sales Tour? Any Company Related Tour? Don’t worry we got your back.



  • Advanced Tour Manager with Workflow

  • User Defined Policy for Executive Spendings

  • Advanced Mobile Based Expense Upload

  • Third Party Integration for Expense Management

Global Positioning System

Always keep in touch, and never miss out on where your employees are through real-time location tracking.

Global Positioning System


  • Real Time GPS Tracking and Monitoring

  • Attendance In-Out / Meetings Check In-Out

  • Salesperson Based Area Coverage

  • Advanced MIS and Analytics Reporting


One can say that the entire business rests on the shoulders of the Sales team.



  • Infographics Dashboard with In-Depth Insights

  • Workflow for Delivery and Installation

  • Complete 360 Degree Sales Process coverage

  • GST Taxation with Reporting

  • Sales Target Management

  • Self Design Template Format

Document Management System

Organized and Efficient, Make the Best of your Paperless Power!



  • Integrated to All Core EdifyBiz Modules

  • Manage it as Private, Public and Shared

  • Request File Links with Security

  • Supports All File Formats

  • Multi Tag Meta Descriptions

  • Unlimited Storage with Extended Access Security

Task Management System

Systematically Arranged Tasks on the basis of Priority, with One Simple Step Bring Order to Chaos!

Task man


  • Task Management Dashboard

  • Task / Sub-Task / Group Task with Extended

  • Process Automation through Task Automator

  • Task Monitor – Drill-Down Task Monitoring

  • Checklist and Preset Checklist Management

  • Task Quadrant for Task Importance and Urgencies

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