Newage Fire Protection

Newage Fire Protection Industries Pvt Ltd is a 60-year old manufacturing organization that specializes in Fire Protection Equipments and Systems and sells in 60 countries through associate partners catering to multiple industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, and Steel.

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Problem Area

The sales closure cycles in the industry were long which made it difficult for the organization to keep track of activities and manage client relationships.

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Milind Shah, the MD of the company believed that client relationships could be improved if the sales team was more disciplined and focused on building relationships with customers.

He suggested that if they had an automatic scheduling system, it could help sales people perform better.

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Solutions & Benefits

An automated scheduling and tracking system was needed that could keep track of activities of sales people including client meetings as well as generate regular reports reflecting on performance parameters like waiting times and project go-live cycle. EnlitenIT implemented EdifyBiz Sales and Task module in Newage that resulted into the delivery of the following functionalities and benefits:


Edifybiz kept track of employee activities including sales, client meetings, minutes of these meetings, and deliverables timelines. This improved employee productivity as sales people were able to keep track of time through task and meeting reminders.

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The closure period was reduced as employees performed better and thus, pushed themselves to complete activities on time.

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Customer relationships were strengthened as result of improved responsiveness of sales people as they could keep track of their work as well as take out time from administrative tasks to focus on relationship building.

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