A Productivity Improvement Tool

Business Expansion begins with excitement and plans that are both motivating and visionary. But before  company enjoys growth in business through implementation of these plans, the need arises for the expansion of capacities and capabilities as well to be able to meet the demands of new markets. However, in reality, businesses want to cope with these plans without making a major shift in capacities, but by utilizing existing resources for handling expansion. Of course, productivity can be improved by increasing input so that output increases proportionately, but would it not always be beneficial if the output increased without any change in the inputs?

The truth is – It is a change and to manage change, change is required, if not in capacity then in capabilities. In short, if you can’t acquire new resources then expand the capabilities of your existing resources – upgrade yourself. But how do we do that? Will this upgrading not cost us dear?

May be not! May be the little cost that you would incur will be justified with the vast improvement in your productivity. With no upgrading, you may already have problems of stagnant profits, ever increasing overheads and organizing activities could be a nightmare. At this point, you need a solution that is within your budget and still gives you perks that you need.

What if there was a business buddy who took care of all tasks of your business, taking the burden of manual, monotonous and clerical work off you, so that you can focus more on things that are important for your organization’s growth such as strategies, marketing, quality, and brand building.

EdifyBiz is exactly the solution for you! This quickly implementable easy solution can help you organize your business activities in such a way that you can not only streamline your processes but also use your contacts in the best possible manner to perform tasks like generating leads from them to converting them into paying customers. You will not have to increase your inputs but your output will shine with enhanced productivity.

What can EdifyBiz manage for you? A lot!

  • Client Database Management
  • Task Management
  • Contact Follow ups
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Contract Management System
  • Easy storage and access of Files
  • Invoicing
  • Payment Management System
  • Business Analytics by Sales and Invoices
  • Reports

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