Communicate with Potential Clients

Client’s Challenge

Our client was a reseller and distributor of the Air conditioners and was collaborating with the manufacturers, dealers, marketing organization and service providers to provide a complete single point of contact solution to its customers. The dealers of the organization would stock some of the goods at their showrooms such that when a customer makes choice, the information was forwarded back to seller who would make arrangements for manufacturing, services,  and deliveries of the chosen products. The company was receiving decent orders from customers and demand in the market was increasing. However, the company struggle to keep up the pace with the increasing demand because of the fragmentation that made the processes complicated with lack of visibility of the pipeline and customer lifecycle stages. Three different organizations had to be communicated back and forth to seal a deal with manual updating of statuses that added to delays and confusion. Also, with three different organizations following three different structures, processes, document templates and communication channels, the operations had become complicated resulting into issues like delays, non-deliveries, wrong deliveries and similar.

EdifyBiz Solution

EdifyBiz Team discussed the concern first with the company CEO who was worried for he lacked visibility  into the system. He would only know the sales and deliveries made in a month and if there were some major delays. Besides this, whatever was happening at the ground level throughout the process cycle could not be tracked between three different employees. What EdifyBiz realized was that the company needed a single seamless platform that could be used by all the company’s such that the entire product life cycle could be tracked and interdepartmental coordination and information sharing could be improved. The solution could bring in visibility into the system such that CEO would know what was happening in each department.

Impact on Business

It became simple for the CEO to be able to keep track of all the activities happening under the organization, identify discrepancies or possible concerns, take decisions based on trends and take appropriate actions through intervention whenever required. The CEO was able to communicate better with potential clients, partners as well as auditors as the platform would provide him actionable insights that were automatically produced with the integration of different processes followed by three different organization.

Although, the organizations involved were still multiple, the seamless platform integrated the processes required for operations of the reseller and distributor into one serving it as a single organization in the system. The company saved on costs that were incurred in manual processes, reworks, error corrections and delays. Also, the marketing was strengthened as company could better understand client demands and requirements and thus channelized over it to better communicate with them as well as design exclusive offers to satisfy their preferences increasing the likelihood of more sales.

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