Make your projects smooth like never before… !

Passing and passing of task… results into delay in project….
Does this happen in your organisation?
Switch to EdifyBiz and Make your organisation more accountable and responsible.


Deadlines are lifelines … for business !

For any project to be successful and yield productive output, deadlines are to be strictly adhered to; and that can be possible only if all the aspects related to a project are well coordinated and seamlessly interdependent. EdifyBiz Project management Module has a profound Timeline System wherein all the members of the task force can be reached through and are aware of the proceedings of the project. Due dates, targets, follow-up dates, delayed and completion notifications, alerts, client’s data and other significant details of a particular project can be easily accessible, checked, followed up and planned accordingly. This Timeline System enables the company to be on its toes and complete on time and compete outstandingly with the counterparts.


P for planning … P for progress !

A meticulous planning of projects takes the company places, literally! Planning a certain project means taking it through various phases, compiling different data, analytical and critical viewpoint, market scanning, logistics and many other bits that are taken together and then a concrete decision is reached. EdifyBiz helps the company sail smoothly through these phases. Once this Module starts working none of your planning point can be out of view, none of your angle is missed and none of your aspect remain untouched. The Module enables the company to not only give a shape to an idea, but also convert the idea into a possibility.


Lets source it out !

In order to make your planning reach the execution point and eventually become a success, you need to be updated about all the people, vendors and firms from where you can source out the things for your project and give it life.

Project Management Module of EdifyBiz keeps you updated on various market availabilities. The data of all your resource points are categorically set and can be accessed whenever you wish to.


Execution with Caution !

In today’s highly competitive business scenario, placing a brilliant plan and flawlessly executing it to the last detail is of utmost importance. EdifyBiz helps you till the end of your project by providing you with required data, dates, cues, info materials and all other details that you have sketched out during the earlier phases of the project aptly.


Info-manager comes handy !

Even after the project completion, EdifyBiz keeps the stock safely of the entire details and data of the project. EdifyBiz Management Information System empowers you with info-graphical pointers and an intelligent approach to derive statistical information. The info graphical data of the entire management and people behind the project are available just at one touch.