Project Management

Edifybiz increases Team Collaboration and productivity. Create tasks, assign tasks, delegate and prioritize your to-do list.


Plan, Progress and Prosper.



  • Scheduling

  • Allocating Resources

  • Identifying Key Milestones

  • Templates to Plan Projects


Deadlines: the Lifeline of a Business.
Never miss yours!

Time line


  • Creating Gantt Charts to Show an Overview

  • Shows the Tasks Assigned

  • Estimated Time of Completion

  • Shows Deadlines

Organize Resource

Switch to EdifyBiz and make your organization more accountable and responsible.

Organize Resource


  • Shows the Resources Required

  • Defines Resources, Shows Availability

  • Assigns Costs Show Effect on the Budget

  • Helps Avoid Resource Conflict/ Overload

Create Profit Centre

Your Go-To Cost and Expense Summarizer!

Create Profit Centre


  • Calculates Total Cost of the Task

  • Keeps Record of Expenses, Overall Costs

  • Compares Spending with the Budget

  • Can be Exported to Spreadsheets


Execution with Caution!


  • Increases Collaboration

  • Calendar to Show Availability/ Schedule Meetings/ know others Tasks

  • Instant Messaging/Real-Time Communication

  • Easy to Share Documents

  • Progress Report

Management Information Services

Data is the New Dollar - Keep It Safe
and Use It Wisely

Management Information System %E2%80%93 2


  • Track Decisions

  • Infographics for Analysis

  • Compare the Plan to the Current Situation

  • Identify Critical Path

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