Service and Support

Edifybiz offers a single seamless platform that could be used by you to track the entire product life cycle.

Management Information System

A Smart, Quick, and Efficient way to have Access to all Business Information that can Propel any Discussion or Decision Making.

Management Information System SS


  • Interactive Dashboards

  • Drill – Down Graphs

  • Extended MIS Reports

  • Advanced Filtering on Reports

  • Export to XLS / Print to PDF / E-Mail

  • Integration to EdifyBiz BI

Service, Dispatch, Delivery Management

A Seamless Platform that you can Use to Track the Entire Product Life Cycle.

Service Dispatch Delivery Management


  • Track Entire Product Life Cycle

  • Integrate to 3rd Party Logistic Providers

  • Map Location for Client Delivery and Track-n-Monitor

  • Notification and Alerts at Every Stage

Contract Management

Through Clear Contracts, Hire, Maintain, and Nurture and a Healthy, Hassle-free Taskforce

Contract Management


  • Multi-Product Contract Management

  • Integrated to Complaint Management

  • Dashboard for Inforgraphics and Analysis

  • Product, Model, Sr No. based Contract Tracking

  • Renewal Management with Auto Alerts

  • Integrated to Quotation and Sales

Complaint Management

Track Customer Complaints and Create Meaningful Solutions and Connections.

Complaint management


  • Integrated to Multiple Sources

  • Integrated to Contract Management

  • Product, Model, Sr. No based Complaint Tracking

  • Escalation Matrix with Multi-Point Track Rules

  • Mobile App Integration for Distribution Channel

  • GPS Tracking and Monitoring for ServiceMan

  • Auto-Assignment of complaints based on Rules

Service Tracking

Keeps your workforce on its toes and the company on the move!

Service Tracking


  • Track all On-Field Activities in Real-Time

  • Create Job Cards On-Field and Document Jobs

  • Upload Documents, Pictures and Expenses

  • Refer to any Product Papers on the move

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Management Information System SS Service Dispatch Delivery Management Contract Management Complaint management Service Tracking