Your Guide to introducing tech in your business – Work from Home Friendly!

Your business can expand and leverage technology in ways that will Maximise Revenue & Productivity without investing much.

Tech as Investment, Not Expense

It is necessary to invest in technology for your business simply because the world is working from home and all industries are going global. To make collaborations easier and increase your accessibility, you need to establish a digital presence and be tech-savvy. Forecasts show that by the end of 2025, 27.1 billion devices will be connected to the internet.

You can make use of this expanding internet population since most of your target audience will be accessible on social media. Engaging with them will benefit your business and give you visibility. This makes your business relevant, known, and expands your market.

Easing Communication with Consumers

Business Insider had predicted that “More than 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020.” Chatbots are great to ensure that your website always has a way to connect to the customer at odd hours to resolve their queries. This makes you look available 24/7 and reliable.

Recommended: CRM and LiveChat are some examples of such services. Give your chatbox a human touch by making use of sympathetic language such as ‘we understand your concern’ ‘we will try our best to help you out ‘we care for you and appreciate your relationship with us.’

Get Project Management Tools – Plan, track, and execute

CRM like EdifyBiz helps you to stay connected and plan, manage and track your progress. This is a good way to save time and effort used in sending follow-up texts and emails. It also provides a forecast for growth and revenue. You will also be able to predict the time the task may take up. It covers sales, finance, planning, management, and revenue.

These tools increase productivity, maximize revenue and help communication. No more badgering emails, texts, and paper charts!

Recommended: The world is moving towards constant human connection but with time-saving. This is a good tactic to make your organization environment friendly with reduced paper wasted on such follow-ups/planning as well as avoiding constant calls to and fro in the middle of the busy day.

Ease into It

It is best to run a pilot program with your employees and get them familiar with the technology you plan on using. This will ensure that your clients and employees get a hands-on experience.

Recommended: Run a trial for a week’s time. Take direct feedback from your employees and if your clients are involved ask them to fill out a google form. Send this message on WhatsApp since most people don’t open their promotional emails.

Don’t compromise on Security

Privacy is a growing concern. The word itself has become a buzz. Try to make this a selling point of your organization. The more you protect the consumer’s privacy, the more data they will be willing to trust you with. Data is the new currency since it can be used to remold your organization’s services/ products on the basis of what your audience is likely to buy. Since most people are working online or have a remote workforce, it is essential to protect your business data and client information. Due to dependence on cloud technology like drives, it is necessary to protect your business and data from hackers.

Recommended: Use an email encryption service like ProtonMail, keep changing your passwords frequently, and get a VPN that your employees are connected to for exchanging any sensitive information.

These footsteps will help your organization stay relevant and create an established presence for when someone tries to look up your business online. The security measures that your organization undertakes can be a badge of honor for you and a sign of relief for your clients. Management and planning tools, pilot programs, and chatbots will streamline your daily activities and help your organization grow!

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