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3 ways to push your sales game to the next level

Sales are all about building a connection with your client. The better you connect, the higher the chances for conversion. Odds are that your product is not the only one of its kind in the market. Your customers have hundreds, if not thousands of options. How do you connect with your audience? More often than not your customer wants to

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Myth busters: SMEs don’t require Enterprise Resource Planning

The other day I met a fellow entrepreneur and got into talking about the perils and benefits of entrepreneurship in India. The meeting triggered a lot of thoughts that had been on my mind for a long time. I decided to address it. One of the most common myths I’ve come across is: If you’re a small entrepreneur, you don’t
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User Buy-in – An essential element for new technology adoption

Imagine you have been working on an efficient legacy application for 10 years and you love it because you take no time thinking about how to process it. One day your company decides to replace it with a new application that can automate manual tasks. Will you be excited? Most people aren't. New Technology! Means learning from scratch? Completely changing
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